May 28th to 31st, 2017
Santos, SP
Mendes Convention Center

Instructions for presenters at

Oral Technical Session

Time: from 2:00 pm to 4:40 pm

  1. All presenters of papers, upon their arrival to the event in Santos, or on the eve of its presentation, shall confirm the respective presentation at the Technical Secretariat;
  2. If the first author is unable to attend, the paper may be presented only by one of the coauthors;
  3. The presenter of the paper must be mandatorily registered at the event;
  4. The author who needs any type of support for his/her presentation, should look for the Technical Secretariat, which is prepared to attend exclusively authors and presenters of works;
  5. Presentations can be made in English or Portuguese independent of the language that the paper was written, that is, i.e. papers written in English can be presented in English or Portuguese;
  6. Each author will have 20 minutes for his/her presentation: 15 minutes for presentation of the paper and 5 minutes for questions;
  7. A computer with PowerPoint and a multi-media projector are available at the Technical Secretariat for each presenter;
  8. Any other equipment or software needed for the presentation should be requested from the organization of the event until March 20th at
  9. For the installation of the presentation on the personal computer and for test of the presentation, the author shall look for the "Media Desk" room, with at least 12 hours prior to his/her schedule. All presentations must be previously installed on the host computer from the Media Desk, which will distribute them to the respective rooms / sessions;
  10. The presenters dated on Monday, May 29th, may deliver his/her presentations to the Media Desk on Sunday, May 28th;
  11. Until March 20th a brief Resume (5 to 6 lines) of the presenter from the paper, should be sent by email to